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Meet Lois

We are Lois. Established in Spain in 1962, we were the first 

European jeans brand to conquer the world. We made a great 

start in the sixties but it wasn’t until the seventies that we truly 

flourished. We were worn by influential fashion icons and 

musicians and soon we were all over the dance floor. 

In contrast to other great jeans brands of that time we focussed on a 
fashionable and sexy pair of jeans. Soon, young people all over the 
world recognised that we were their perfect fit. And although we have 
been around for quite some time now, we never grew old. It’s our 
positive and proud Valencian spirit that makes us timeless. 

Spain is an important part of our heritage as well as our future. It is 

where we were born, raised and where today we are still made with 

love. Although Spanish blood runs through our veins, the Dutch have 

become an important part of who we are today. They have given us 

a new lease of life and the unique opportunity to co-create amazing 

new culture-blending stories and looks. By working closely together 

we havebeen reinvented and re-introduced. 

At Lois we believe in a longer lasting wardrobe than that the fashion 

industry offers today. Instead of making our collections seasonal, we 

strive to create clothing that is wearable in every climate and season. 

By leaving the seasonal ‘label’ behind we stretch the lifecycle of our 

collections and suggest that our garments can be worn all year round. 

If you haven’t met us yet, you’ll be glad you did now. 

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